Compact Board

airline travel-friendly tournament grade game boards

Only a few colors are left: Black, White, Grey. All with either Yellow and Green backgrounds. Contact us first please

  New Grid!

  • Quantum leap in grid design:
  • Innovative corners keep the tile very secure
  • At the same time, removing a tile to move to a new square is hassle-free due to a clever wall that tapers down to the center
  • Putting away tiles at the end of the game is also very easy

post-launch special

For a Limited Time only

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Underside of Blue Board

   Awesome  CompactBoard Features:

  • Compact
  • REVOLUTIONary turntable
  • Quiet, non-jerky rotation of the board
  • Glare-free
  • Non-reflective 15x15 and surrounding area
  • Matte finish – easy on your eyes
  • You can choose from 8 attractive board colors
  • GREEN or YELLOW 15x15 background: You pick!
  • So you have a choice among 16 possible boards
  • Reinforced to be Sturdy
  • Lightweight design
  • Under 2 lb in weight! (1.75 lb = 0.79 Kg. Yes, under 1 Kg)
  • ​Surrounding walls prevent tiles, pencils, or your little pony's body parts from sliding under the board

Watch this space for CompactBoard for other boardgames such as Go!, Backgammon, Chess... 

Dimensions after disassembly = 10 inches x 12.6".

Should comfortably fit in any small laptop bag.

 Some of the Sixteen (16)  CompactBoard  Color Choices You Have!

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Limited Time

PostLaunch Special!

Only $149 comes with a free set of tiles for full-time students, kids <18, seniors > 65 

this lower price won't last forever!
​similar boards sell at $200!! USD